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      A dream wedding?..




I am married to my bf  of 4 years 2 months ago..I'm happy with him, his the perfect husband to me. Although we are already married but there's some things that's been lacking in our marriage life,, or maybe I'm the only one who feels this way..coz I know that my husband is totally happy of us settling down..

Here's the story, we been married under a civil ceremony..we invited few friends and our parents..which is not really my planned and my dream wedding. I dream of having a simple wedding at the church. Unfortunately I got really depressed when my husband disagree. He is not a devoted catholic..and he also had some personal reasons why he doesn't consider a church wedding an ideal wedding. I understand him. But when we I told my parents about our plan to have the wedding on a civil ceremony, I really didn't say his (my bf) personal reasons of not having it in the church,knowing that my parents are active church members. My father is a lay minister, they are both member of couples for Christ..I just told them, that  the money that will be spent for the church wedding will be just our savings for the future that we are going to build.. and besides civil wedding is a practical way if you are trying to save a money. And they understand us. Even my friends doesn't agree with our planned. How many times we (me and my bf) argue about this matter but it ends up that I just said yes because  I loved him and I don't wanna lose him. BUt today while I'm seeing some of my friends wedding pics, I really wish it was me who's wearing those white long gown with my husband at my side wearing a black toxido. My problem is, is it wrong to feel this way, I mean having regrets of not really fighting for what I want. I'm the bride, right, it is suppose to be the important day of my life, I want it  in the church, with all those christian marriage ceremonies, together with my  friends and relatives, and of course our families  and the whole world witnessing our vows for each other. But because I love him so much, I don't want to disappoint him, so that's it. I'm happy right now in our house with him, except that when I looked at the wall in our sala, I wish there was our church wedding picture hanging there.


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