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      Th3 Lif3 of a Lasbi3n


Well everything began on August 13,2008 it was the happiest day of my life when I met the love of my life. That night we just kissed and laughed about everything it was a wonderful night. I was the happiest person in this world for 5 months everything went so perfect everything i wanted was in her but not everything stays the same after 5 months she changed she started doing drugs and just started to fade way from me after a period of time i tried i did everything i could do i did it i never changed towards her like she did to me it hurt so bad just knowing that she changed so much.She would call me names yell at me and did horrible things so what i did was break up with her two days before valentines the biggest regret i have ever had. On valentines was the worst day of my life when she told me she haded me with passion when she told me that i felt like i was going to die so that night i overdose it was 3 in the morning when i was in the hospital after that i went into a mental hospital just for her i did it with out thinking about my parents and family. After a week later i came out to her again i cant hate her i just seem to love her more till this day i am still with her so when you think nothings possible just try your hardest to still be with that person like i have and this is a true story what i am telling all of you because this day today Feb 25,2009 i am here with her and it happened just a week ago.


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