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      True love


True love.....its so rare that not everyone gets the chance to experience it. I was lucky enough to be one of those few that has. However, I let it slip away......because I was shy and overwhelmed. Here is my story.

The year was 1993. My best friend was dating a girl named Carrie. I was dating his cousin at the time named Joy. This particular evening we were going to go on a double date. Chadd, Carrie, Joy, and I. Chadd, Joy and I went to Carrie's house to pick her up. We walked into her house and into the living room and that's when it happened.........Carrie's sister Lori was sitting on the couch watching TV. As soon as I saw her I was like "Who is that? I want to take her out!" The feeling I had at that instant I had never felt before. I have never had it since. A few months later Joy and I broke up. I went to Carrie's house with Chadd a few times. I went swimming, to the park, a church picnic. At the picnic Lori and I were sitting near one another and this girl looked over at us and said "you two would make a cute couple." We kind of just smiled and looked away from one another.

One night Chad was at my house and Carrie and Lori came over. After a while Chadd and Carrie left, There I was sitting there with Lori. I wanted to tell her how I felt. But I couldn't say anything. Silence. I was so shy...but also overwhelmed by her beauty and personality. She was and is so amazing. After that night I never saw her again.

Eight years has passed and it seems like only yesterday when I saw her sitting on her couch. Ever since that day I have thought about her and what might have been. She is dating someone now for 2 years. We are friends and talk online. The guy she is with now is a very lucky guy.

For everyone out in the moment.....I wish I could go back and change the way things went....maybe she would be here. Fate only takes you so far.....once your there its up to you.

Lori I just want you to know that your the most amazing person I have ever met. Smart, beautiful, sophisticated, sense of humor, great personality, PERFECT. Your the one for me and I let you slip away.


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