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      My bestfriend...


jet and I were best of friends since we were seven or eight, we grew up together, we were like jack and Jill who cannot live without each other, he was my everything, he makes me smile whenever I am sad, he has the only power to stop me from crying, we ate ice cream whenever were sad.

things changes as we started growing, I see him as a different person, I see his beauty and I know deep inside me Im starting to fall in love with my best friend, but I was afraid that he never see me the way i see him, though his friends always teases him that he should court me, but many of the times he ignores them,

for eighteen years I thought that Is how we could ever be, best of friends, I started entertaining suitors that he also allows until Randy come out of the picture, he became my boyfriend, he was sweet and caring and I know how much he loves me, but for me he is nothing compared to jet, the time came that I have to introduced him to jet,  and there I could see jet's face turns red and his eyes were anguish but he was very gentleman to shake randy's hand and say "take care of her, she's my princess" and he bid us goodbye, I was touched by his gesture,

Days passes after that day, jet became something I don't understand, he started ignoring me, whenever I see him he looked away, he never met my eyes, I keep wondering why, Randy and I became more shaky, i started comparing, and we broke up, .. that was the time I realized I love jet more than him, more than a friend,so after that long talked with randy I know I am ready to confront jet and I would tell him how much I love him.

but when I got to their house no one was there, there his friend josh tap me on the shoulder, he told me that jet was gone he flew back to Tokyo early this morning, my world falls apart, why didnt he wait for me, josh handed me a notebook which jet asked him to give me, i started reading his journals, he had comic strips of our conversation, he had poems for me, and letters since grade school.till his last letter telling how I have hurt him, i felt guilty and it seems like it was really late for me to find out, I thought he sees me like a friend a bestfriend. Josh say jet decided to go back to japan,

i cried and cried everynight, until I realized I could still talk to him, i opened my messenger and found him online, we chatted that night , I finally got the chance to say how sorry I was for hurting him and how I missed him and he also told me that he misses me more, few more days and I know things were back to normal, we were just the same the difference is he is now in Japan, but we talked everyday, we chat, we write emails and send me post card, after school I go straight to my room so I could stare at his face on webcam, one night he said how much he love me,  and I swear that is the most precious night of my life, I also told him how much i've waited for him to tell me that, and how much I love him eversince.

now there is an official us, my best friend and I found love over the net, I am secured of his love i know he would never ever hurt me, I am confident that he loves me. things were okay for the last three months,, but on the fourth I started to feel something different, he called me twice a month, he often write emails, he rarely  got on line, though I dont want to I started to doubt, but he keep on giving me alibis, that I know I am not convinced,

one night I cant sleep and I remember that he shared to me his email password, so i opened it and there I saw a letter for his friend josh, he told him that he was really avoiding me, that he dont know if what were doing is right, he's far from me, and we were fooling oursleves if we continue this thru net, he said he cannot go back yet, and that he dont know If theres another randy that will come our way, he said that its better that we dont talked anymore.nor continue this stupidty. I was really hurt, and it hurts like hell, I couldnt take all the pain,, of all people he was the last person i know that could hurt me this way.I never had a courage to confront him with this, i just stopped communicating the way he wanted too.

right now Im still coping up with all this heartache, that I wished it never happened.

jet ive love you all my life, and though I will still love you foerever


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