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i met a girl when i first moved to TN. she was my first. i have been dating her for 8 months. lately we have been feeling more distant. she would go out with friends and not invite me or anything, and she would be gone every night. all my friends and family are telling me that she is cheating. i told them no, she wouldn't do that, i love her. last night i saw text messages on her phone from a guy. they said he wanted to eat her pussy, and she wanted to suck his dick, and she was sore from the other night. i confronted her and she said that he was just playing cause he was drunk. i said OK my bad for snooping. today the guys sister calls me and tells me to meet up with them at a restaurant. we all confronted her and she confessed. she had fucked him three times while we were dating. i feel crushed right now. my heart is broken. i am crying while i write this. i love her and tell her to move her stuff out by next week. i want to give her a second chance, but it will be hard.   

i want some words of advice. please someone anyone help me feel ok.

email: heart


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