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      Best Friends


It all started last April, when my friend introduced me to this guy that liked her very much. My friend didn't feel the same way, and I didn't understand why. He was good-looking, funny, nice. He was everything. I would see him everyday after school with my friend. We started to talk, little by little, and by the end of May, we would be on the phone everyday for about 2 hours or more. We became great friends, and I did start to feel something, but I immediately pushed the feelings away, because he was a year older and he liked my friend. I knew nothing would ever come out of it.


In mid-July, he went to Florida for vacation, and he would be back two days before my birthday. But he never came back. His dad lives in Florida, and he said that he just wanted to stay there for a little bit. He missed my birthday, didn't even call me on that day. He would call me at least once a week from Florida, but it would be weird. He kept explaining that he would be back in December, but he never came.


One day in January, he called me and said he was back. I called his friend to ask if it was true...and it was. He came to my school one day after school, and I was so excited to see him. I haven't seen him for 6 months, and I didn't even deny the fact that my feelings for him were strong, but I kept quiet. We started talking again everyday for hours, and he would jokingly tell me he liked me. I pretended to laugh but inside I wish he meant it. But one day, he did mean it. It took me a while to take him seriously, but finally I did.


 He was the sweetest thing, the best thing that has ever happened. I was something I haven't been in a long time...I was happy. My dad died last year, and ever since there's been a hole in my heart, but with him, my heart felt full again. He said we were forever, that he's never felt this way about anyone. He even talked about marrying me. He said he never, ever, ever wanted to lose me. I tried not to fall too hard for him, because I always heard stories about guys who talked like that, but ended badly. But I thought we were different, I thought we were strong. I believed we would be forever. 


Long story short...I was just another stupid girl who fell for the forever line.





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