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      Love will stand the test of time


I was in the relationship with a man for over a year. We loved each other dearly and committed to one another. At the same time.. we ignored some bad habits that's hard to break.. We fought, we made up , we cried then one day.. we realized it will not work.

This time my head is stronger than my heart. I was able to walk away although it was hard. How can I turn off my feelings for someone I adored for so long?. I have to think about my well beings also the suffering that I had to go thru'. Meanwhile the memories, the places we went together, the sheets, the towels that have our name on it. It's always a Constant reminder of the beautiful love we once had. I stop crying this time.. my heart stop bleeding. My head is clear. I do love him very much but until things change.. there's no chance we can never be happy.

Good bye my love.. you'll always have a piece of my heart. You'll always be the man I want to spend my life with.. but I have to be strong this time. Maybe this separation will let us see how much we care for each other. I'm not mad at you. and if we ever meet again. my love won't change.. take care yourself for me..

Love always


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