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      Painful One-Sided Love


Before I tell you my love story, first I have to tell you a fact about my religion. It is said that if you married someone with the same last name as yours, no matter if your related or not, as long as your last names are the same it would be considered as taboo. I knew that and yet I wasn't able to control my feelings when I fell in love with him. It was really hard because I believed that we'll never be able to be together or he will never accept me since we had the same last names. One of his his best friend confesses his love towards me and I refused just because I have already fallen in love with his closes friend. It was a coincidence when he and I both signed up for a field trip and ended up sitting side by side. To me it was a dream come true, we talked and little did I know I was fallen in love deeper with him. Somehow all of a sudden he confesses to me that he too have fallen for me, this just seemed all to have been a dream too real to be true. But it was reality and as time passes our relationship grew stronger. I was aware that our relationship wasn't going to last long so I tried my best to do everything I could before it was too late. On end of the day of a friend's farewell party he told me that it wasn't right for us to continue anymore. At first no tears came but as he walked away from me, my eyes was streaming with many tears that he wasn't able to see any of it at all. Until now I learned that he probably never loved me yet I didn't regret dating him because I didn't want all those memories that we both shared to be painful memories being kept. Still I'm not ready to have him around me acting as if we don't know each other, so I have decided to run away as far as I can to see if those feelings will disappear. Maybe they won't but at least, I gave it a try, it won't be a pain to try without not trying at all. I'll cry beneath the moon the stars but never will you see my tears at all. A part of me is gone now my only option is to search for my other half again.


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