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      Did he really ever love me


hi i am Zoe. i met a guy when i was 19 years old but i thought all the time to myself do you really love me it turned out that the answer to that was NO i was heart broken to find out that he had been sleeping with this other girl that he worked with i moved as far away from him as i could but he followed me every were and kept asking me to take him back but the broke my heart and one day when i was in a shop i saw him he came up to me and asked me to marry him i did not know what to say so i told him that i would think about it he kept ringing me looking for the answer but i just kept telling him that i was still thinking it was nearly 7 months before i got back to him but when i got to his house his mum answered the door it looked as if she had been crying her eyes out she told me that he died of Cancer two weeks earlier i was heart broken and every night i cry myself to sleep i still wish that i could have talked to him  


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