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So I'm going out with one lad, Who I'm totally in love with, I lost my virginity to him about a year ago and we are still in a long term relationship. I feel stupid for admittin' this buh he's cheated on me twice. They were quite a while ago & we've sorted the problems out since then. But whenever boyfriends & girlfriends get talked about in any conversation, Him cheatin' on me always gets brought up. People ask me whether or not i trust him, And i never know what to say back. I love him is all i can say. People call me stupid for giving him a second chance, People call me even worse for giving him a third chance. If any person cheated on my friend, I'd tell them get rid as soon as, Buh in my relationship its different. I love him, & I'd be lost without him.

The other problem i have, Is there's a boy that has had a thing for me since middle school. He's an amazing lad and he makes me feel really special. He's different. I can trust him with my life, I can tell him anything and everything buh I'm not sure i can see myself being with him again.

I'm really confused at the moment. And i guess i find it easier to right my feelings down on here because i cant explain how i feel in words.



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