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      Once in a lifetime love


I was never sure about soul mates and love at first sight until I met Dan. Our eyes met in a room full of people and from that moment on I knew this was far from ordinary.

We were only together for a month but within a week it felt like a lifetime. We were constantly smiling and there was just this sense of belonging that we both felt, yet neither one could explain.

As you can probably gather we are not together at this time, because of the intensity of our relationship we both were frightened and to avoid being hurt created problems which didn't exist. Now we are living in different cities and I am back in the previous relationship I was in before I met him. I care for the man I am with, but no-one I meet will ever compare to Dan, our chemistry was undeniable and if fate has its way, I hope we are brought back together, if not in this lifetime, maybe in the next. I just want him to know that I love him too, and whatever is meant to be will find its way.

Dan.. I will never forget you!


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