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      This guilty feeling


Let me begin with this, Im fourteen and ive been in a couple relationships. And none of them have gone right, i just recently got out of a relationship that hurt me alot. Because, the guy who i was dating meant alot to me. And he shocked and hurted me. He turned out to be the total opposite then i expected him too be. He turned out to be... just---not what i thought he'd be. And im still not fully over it, im pretty sure i dont love him anymore. Or at least i hope, but im still in shock of what he turned out to be. Because, i was so in love with him...and i gave up so much for him. That the end results of the relationship hurt so bad. Um, my new problem is that im pretty sure i've fallen for his best friend. And also a very close friend of mine. These feelings started when me and my ex broke-up. My friend was there for me through it all, he never left my side...and he was there when i needed comforting and support. I like him alot now, and i have no clue if he shares the feelings i have for him. I also feel very guilty about these feelings, because i just broke-up with his best friend. So i just feel kind of guilty, that i have feelings for him. Like i just broke-up with my ex...and i made such a big deal out of it that me all of a sudden liking him would just sound kinda stupid. And i have no clue on what too do...i told him that i like him alot, but i told him not to worry about it or make a huge deal about it. Because, i thought that i was just going threw a phase cause of my break-up but it's been a couple of weeks and these feelings havent gone away. So im starting to think that i honestly have feelings for him. Everytime im around him now he just makes me forget the pain that my ex put me threw. He just takes it all away and he makes me happy again ... Its like hes the one person who knows how to make me forget every bad thing that has happened to me.


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