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      Just the little sister


His name is Stephen and I met him 6 years ago. He worked with my brother at Radio-Shack. Every time I saw him I would feel butterflies in my stomach. Every time he spoke to me I would feel chills run up my spine. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Eventually in my Junior year of high school I met an amazing the end things went sour...that's another story. Again I found myself thinking of Stephen. Every time I heard my brother talk about him all the feelings I had rushed back. About a couple of months ago my brother and I picked him up and brought him back to our place...where we just hung out and relaxed. The whole time he flirted with me. I was thrilled! As the night wore on he got more and more drunk. Eventually I was taking care of him. Then he took me outside and started kissing me. My mind was saying "No! He's drunk!" My body was saying differently. In the end my body won. We didn't sleep together, but it came close. The next day I drove him home...confessed how I liked him and have liked him for awhile. This was a giant leap for me. He smiled, I thought..."This is my chance!" Then he said, "I am attracted to you, last night proves that, but you are Jon's little sister". That was a slap in face. Then he added, "Besides you deserve better" I was pissed, I was hurt. My ex had said the same him. I told him that if I wanted better, I would have chosen better. He looked at me then resorted back to, "But you are Jon's little sister" All this is translation for, "I don't like you." I think about him constantly and at times I cry. Just like I did when I drove home after dropping him off that day. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that he's not hurting. He's not thinking of me...


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