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After struggling with an eating disorder for five years, I decided to move north and start some sort of treatment program. I was driving through the city of Cincinnatti (on my way to my father's) when I was in a minor car accident. There weren't any injuries involved, but the man I hit was furious. As he man ranted and raved, it became quite obvious that he was going to get physical. Out of no-where a man appeared and proceeded to defend me. To make a long story short..... After David successfully protected my well-being, we went to a diner and had four cups of coffee. From that moment forward, we spent every minute of every day possible together.

I have dated many different types of men through my thirty years of existence, but I had never relized that someone could be capable of being a combination of all of them. I loved him, I still do. We made each other whole and only two months after meeting we were engaged. Four months later we flew to Florida and were married at Ponce Inlet (on the beach)in Daytona.

David and I spent three wonderful years together. We have a beautiful daughter and two really great dogs. It's funny how I knew life was too perfect to last.

On November 21, 1999. David was killed by a drunk driver as he drove home from the grocery store. He was the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. I've realized that he is now in a place where he can now be a gaurdian angle my daughter and I.

I thank God that I was lucky enough to know a one true love.


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