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      Unexpected love


I met him when i was in 4th year highschool..were studying at the same shool..though he's alredi a college student, taking up a basic seaman course..His name was ROMEO..i get curious about him,because i always heard about him anywhere in canteen..library,groto & most especially on girl's cr. When he joined in Mr.Intrams that was the very first time dat i saw his face..he's rili a gud looking guy..every girl in our campus got a crush on him.They're all screaming his name and shout everytime that the emcee call his name...but honestly im not attracted to him..hes not my type! Not until our foundation day came...During foundation, we used to built our own booth..since dat was valentine season, we prefer a heart balloon shaped..we sell it to other students like us...from a far, i saw my couple of friends talking about sumthing..i come near to them and asked wats going on..there i saw joyce,one of my close friend crying..then i asked her why..byanca (one of my friend) told me the reason..i was surprised wen she told me the was him..romeo...i knew then that romeo was courting my friend joyce..she was crying because she saw romeo with another girl in a jail booth..they're so sweet..they seemed to be a bf-gf! "Gusto mu upakan ko yan" i said but i dont mean it....i dont know wat happened next..because i got busy selling our balloons...

      February 11, 2005..last dat of our foundation..our valentines party @ the same time...i was not about to attend the party,but my boyfriend beg me to...but i told him that we can't sit together..because my sister was also in the party..but it was just my alibi..i just dont feel to seat beside the gate,i saw romeo wid his friends..entering the hall..they seat at the stage near ours..i was with my common friends..i saw him & joyce talking..but i dnt mind...

      The party got started...after a few hours...sweet songs has begun..couples & lovers went at the dance first dance was not my bf...i knew frm the start that he will get mad if i danced wid other guy. but i know it has no malise..after that dance,i go back to my chair.wen suddenly  i heard an unfamiliar voice..saying"pede ba kitang isayaw" i was surprised wen i saw him standing in front of me..i look at my bestfriend who was beside me,and she said go..GOSH! IT WAS REALLY UNEXPECTED!i took his hand and go with hiim in the dance floor..that was the first time that i met him personally..hes really handsome! He was the one who broke the silence..he asked some things about me. And i answered him..before the dance end he asked if i have a boyfriend..and i said yes! that was the time i remembered that he's also in the party..gosh! i almost forgot him! i Asked romeo if he really courting my friend joyce..and i dont know why i felt sumthing that i cant explain when he said no..theyre just heart beats faster when he said "sayang my nauna n pala skin..i stayed silent but deep inside i was very happy bout wat he've said! after that,he accompanied me with my friends and say thenk u for that wonderful dance..i was so kilig! knowing that he was the most popular guy in our campus that friends told me that i am so lucky that he invited me to dance..while we were laughing,niko my boyfriends bestfriend came to me and said that kelvin(my bf) was mad at me..i dnt know..but i rili cant explain my feelings that time..wen i asked him where is he..he look at the dance floor..i saw kelvin dancing wid her ex. i felt bad,because he revenge of wat i did! of all people why wid her ex gf who has still feelings for him! that night i broke up wid him. I still asking why i dnt got hurt..that was when i realized that i didnt love him that much..and our relationship was only last 3weeks..

     Romeo invited me to dance for the second tym..while were dancing,he asked my celfone no. i was stupid that i dnt give it to him.. but at the other side i was rili hapi..i wish that night wont end..we separate without even saying gudbye and see yah!

     february 14..monday..i was waiting for him at the coop..i wana see him,thats why..i saw him walking wid his friends and he smiled wen he saw means dat he remembered me.

    i was very excited to go to school that afternoon,the same day..wishing that wonderful thing will happened but its i am expected. I was about to enter the hall wen i saw romeo and joyce talking at the corner..Theyre laughing and very sweet with each other..i got hurt..i continuesly walk until i reached our classroom..i asked my friend marivic to come with me in the comfort room..there..i cried and express what i feel..i know it was my fault to expect more from a person that made me feel that he likes me.but not.thats when i realized that i rili rili liked him or maybe luv him it possible..yeah! its very possible..i alredi fall for that stupid guy..that time,i got angry wid him,and i promised to forget him.

  days passed,and i think i alredi got over him..i divert my attention in other ex kelvin wants to win me back but i told him,that we just stay friends..

one afternoon..patrick romeo's friend came to me,and told me that romeo rili likes me..and joyce was the only one who tells other pipol that romeo was courting her,but its not true..that afternoon wen i saw him wid joyce was the tym that romeo told joyce that he likes me..and he wants to court me..but joyce got angry and told romeo that he was a liar.thats the whole story..the tym that i saw them laughing was not the exact  time that romeo told joyce aboout it. i came to think about it..after that incident,that february 14 afternoon..joyce dont talk to me at all..and she al;ways makes a parinig to me..until now,were still not in good terms..patrick gave romeos no. to me..that night,i texted him and he explained everything to me.

   march 03,2005..i was waiting for my friend at the school ground wen romeo came..he sit beside me..and asked if we can talk..i noded..he explained again the whole story and i heard it frm him loud and clear..that was the tym that i understand everything..silense....then he asked if he can visit me at home..i asked him why..and at last he officially asked me if he could court me..and i said yes with a smile..

   The next day,after our p.e class,i was surprised that he was at the gate waiting for me..he told me that he will come with me to our house..meaning it was the begining of our story..I introduced him to my family. i know right from the start that my family will gonna like days goes by..i discovered that he was a perfect gentleman. that give me reason to love him even more.

  after one month of courting me..April 08,2005..our graduation day..he proposed to me..and finally he said that he love me....

   that day i promised to my self that i will love him the best way that i can..and i will do my best for it to last..


now..weve been together for almost 4years now..we  will celebrate our 4th year anniversary on april 08 this year..trials and problems always  come to our relationship..but still were here..very strong. hope you guys get inspired in our story..






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