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      Fake a smile so he wont see


it basically all started in my grade ten spanish class during first semester. i knew him since grade nine science but during spanish we got closer, at the same time i started going out with this guy but i still had feelings for rene, i left it alone until one day i juss cudnt take it anymore i broke up with my boyfriend and had all intentions of telling rene my true feelings. that is until my friend sent rene a msg telling him i had feelings for him and if he didnt feel the same way for him not lead me on. he later wanted to talk bout something and get something straight. he told me we were just friends, i played dumb and was lyk yaa i know that, i dont lyk you lyk that.. it was a complete lie but he seemed to belive me. days went by and evrythin was the same we wer friends, he had this way of treating me lyk his girlfriend, he'd hold my hand, put his arm around me, and he would even sing to me in spanish. it was always lyk that, and one day i sign in on msn see that he too is online...i look at his msn name and his had "(L)13.2.09(L)" i felt sick to my stomach, he hadnt told me he lykd nyone, soo i asked him who he was dating he answered yaa im dating someone in grade nine, i started crying right away. it was ridiculous i felt lyk and idiot i dont cry ovr guys but he was different. i dont know how but he just is. he started telling me all about her i juss cried and had to pretend i was fyn. all i think about is him and his gf now i cant get them out of my mind. its not fair i dream of him telling me he broke up with his gf and thought of me and it wud b jusst perfect but i know that wont evr happn.


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