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Valentines or Valentine's usually don't mean anything important to me. The thought of gfs-bfs going out on a date, giving flowers (and balloons too), dinner date, sweet nothings, smooches and all of the so-called romantic stuffs, really sound usual, common, cliched and boring to me. I could give reasons for that. 1st, the thought of having a date on a particular day, being stuck to one person the whole day is truly a torture, even if I really like the guy. 2nd, the reaction I have to fake upon receiving flowers I don't even like and the thought that those flowers will just wither in few days and the picture of me throwing them away brings disgust. 3rd, the thought that people are celebrating the day in a wrong way (I think). I am being bitter, to be honest. Not because I didn't have a date. I enjoyed the day singing songs in front of people who I barely even know and performed even without a practice which made the day exciting. Bitter, because I was not able to send flowers to my mom and my sisters, that I got myself pampered in the salon and I didn't even remember giving something to those who are special to me. But, well...I sent money to my mom that day, but still it could have been better if I had sent her flowers as well then I should be safe from all this regret. Lesson? I am going to celebrate every holiday in the calendar with my family first and that's a promise. I think people should see it the way I see it. Spending Valentines with your bf-gf or eve fling is cool but I think it's cooler if you share the true meaning of the day with your family. I mean, your family will always be there no matter what, and celebrating a portion of a holiday with them would mean gratitude. (just a thought)


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