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      The impossible love


i heard about her a lot of time...she had just broked up with some of my friends named joe.. and i dont know any thing about day i met her in a school where i was teaching dance..the class was divised into two part hiphop and electro dance my friends were teaching hiphop and she choose to come to my class..she was sooo hot..and she liked my style..she always like someone to be different...after that day i didnt wait her to call me..because i dont even have her number..the nxt day she sent me a msg and begin to talk to me she gets my number with one of her friends..that was my freind when we were night she called me and asked me to go to a party with her..we went..i was like scared i dont know how!! i dont know what to talk..and tell her cz i dont know her well..and joe was in this party..we begin to talk..she told me that she have a boy freind..she surprised me!!! she always did..then we went to dance and left early..she were soo happy with me its like a new world for her...then we used to go out she always came to my mom liked her a lot..but i remarked that she always come with her teacher..i never knew her parents then she told me that her father is so anger's type and he dont like to her to talk to boy he even dont let her go to partys..and all the party we went out was without her father know..its something embaressing to me!!! i liked her..she is soo special!!she's so beautiful and hot..and i did not like this because i dont like the way pepole looks to her when she is with me..and all my freind were jalous..i had with her 3 wonderfull party..then she summer she went with her parents to an new appartement..we were talking to each other at this time..then she told that she have a new BF at this time i stopped talking to her..i lived with her in my mind..with my dreams..then i sent her a msg on her birthday..and she rplyed and asked me a lot of things..and i knew that she broke up with her BF...the weather time became and i saw her again! she changed!!her face..her hairs..the colors of her eyes she became more like bitch..but i also like it!! then we used also to go out..and she went with me a party that we didnt enjoy at all!! becaus the party wasnt good then she told me that when she went with me at this party she was having a relationship with her x joe...she told me this when we were going yo another party..i didnt get angry a lot because she told me this.. and this party was the best party in my life!!!! but i get tired of her..her parents..her father that dont know about any party she went to it!! and i cant stay with her like this..and now we became freinds..she have a new BF.....but i wont disapear from her life..i will return..and i will begin by being freind with her father..he's a security and he is trainig in a gym..and now im going everyday to another gym and im training my self a lot then i will go to her father'gym..i love her..


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