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      God why did i tell him???


ok so its my freshman year of high school and i had made a new friend Elisa. After a while i meet her brother David who just so happends to be in my algebra 1 class. Around halloween i would hang out at Elisa's house and he would hang out with us. Then around thanks giving i tried to text her and instead he texted back. So we would occasionally text but i was whatever about it....i just saw him as a friend. So we would also talk on the internet if he couldnt have the phone. So one day we were texting and he asked me if he could call me and i said yes. So that just started him texting me then asking me if he could call me, every day. So after a while i saw him talking to this girl and i felt sad. I thought about it and i realized i loved him alot. So about a week before valentines day i told him i liked him, and he said he likes another girl and she likes him to. I wanted to cry so bad. He only sees me as a friend or a little sister, and nothing else. And thats wha i will be for him a friend. At least for now


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