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      This love is forever


Love is the most wonderful and most beautiful thing on earth, but it could also be the most hurting and painful that it could tear you up into irretrievable pieces, and if ever you still survive the storm, your life could never be the same again.

When I fell in love with the greatest love of my life, everything else faded into the distance and all I could see and think of was him. Literally, he became the air that I breathed, my sighs, my wishes, my dreams, and my prayers. But then, don't all lovers do that when they're in love? Every time we see each other, electricity sparks all over around us, minds and bodies in tuned with each other, sharing a passion for each other so great that we almost could feel ourselves explode in the heat of our most intimate moments.

Everything about our love could have been perfect, except for one crucial thing: its timing. We both found each other and fell in love with each other at a time when we should not because it was too late for both us. We already both are legally committed, but not to each other. Our love, and shared moments are secrets that only the two of us know about because we are so very careful about it. Yes, we both feared to be discovered by anyone who knows us, specially our respective partners, because of its sure aftermath which we are sure we both could not handle for we live in a very conservative community where everyone knows each other. This fear is what drives us to come to a decision that we should sacrifice what we have, stop seeing each other, stop being lovers, and continue our lives the way it was before we saw each other, for the benefit of all the people around us, which is what we really did two months ago, after three beautiful and exciting years of loving each other. But the pain of not seeing him, even just hearing his voice, is heavy for my heart to bear. On the outside, I'm still the cheerful me, but deep inside, my spirit is tortured, my heart is bleeding to death, and my world is sinking to an abyss. I don't know what he feels now for I never attempt to reach him in anyway. But one thing is for sure, I could never love any man again like I love him, and that my life would end, when it's time for it to end, very incomplete because it has a very huge gap at the very center of it, which only he could fill again.

In this life it may not be us together, but there is still a next life, and the next, and the next, for I believe that this world may end and that time may stand still, but this love is forever and for eternity.


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