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      Was it only a lost love?


September 9, 2006- It was on my friend's debut that we started to fall in love. It was a very memorable night for us together because we were partner for cotillion, and we were the most famous love team.


                                 After the event, we often see each other 'cause we live in the same community. I have been close to his family and friends.In fact, they are all like me and even proud of me.


June 3, 2007- He invited me to attend mass at Sto. Niño and after, took a dinner with him, he courted me. So, i replied my "yes" without hesitation 'cause i had knew him a lot.


                      -it was the happiest day i had with him, because i have been waiting that day to come, and yes, it came!


-But, just a sudden moment, I received a call from his best friend and told me that he danced[slow music] in the disco with our liberated neighbor. I was about to confirm him about it, but just when i went to his house, he acted differently, as if i wasn't there. So, i went back home and minutes later, i called him through my cellphone just to semi-formally end our relationship and without explanation, i hanged it up. I cried, cried and cried..


It was 6 months that we don't have any form of communications. But unexpectedly, we met together with his family and it continuously happened. And after how many weeks, we were exclusively dating, and courted me again. And because of love, i gave him the 2nd chance that he wanted , because as what they've said..


"love is sweeter, the second time around".......yeah, and i believed and approved it right. I was thinking that we would last for i have given all the love that he needed.


My parents didn't like him [ 'cause i am the only girl in the family], but i fought for our relationship, and i decided to open it up with him, for him to know and he may have the courage to visit at my house.


But, he abruptly decided for break-up, he said, it was only for my good. But, i asked and beg him more and more to just hold on with our relationship. So, we haven't.


Month later, he has been cold to me. I just seldom received text-messages from him. Even-if i was in olango island,but i haven't received text coming from him. After days when i came back,


He suddenly texted me, and surprisingly, he really wanted me to set him free. He had so many explanations and 1 of those  was about my parents. He told me that there's no third party involved. I kept on asking him why? till' he told me that his love was slowly fading. And i ended it up,after i received it. I cried again over my best friend's shoulder.


After all, i have done my part. And i promise, our love story was totally ended and would let just be a part of my memories and life.


He is my first love and i am his first love.


I just wanna tell you guys that it's not bad to beg for your love one to stay. but, don't be blind to what is true.


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