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      Story of Nick Nhat Minh Chung.


Nhat Minh Chung, also known as Nick. Born and raised in Vietnam, occupies as a hairstylist. Oldest son of Son & Van, brother of Hoang Vu & Minh Nguyet. Met an Asian American women, whose name shall be anonymous, somewhere in 2002-2003. Both had formed a relationship and soon engaged. Because of work, relationship papers, and her daughter's education, both mother and child returned to the US. Having Nhat (Nick) patiently wait in Vietnam as she does paperwork for him to come to America, little does she know he has been fooling around in Vietnam (going out and secretly dating others). After an amount of time, Nick is finally in America with her. Several months later at a small dinner get-together party, on the ride home Nick started beating her, daughter from backseat woke up from her sleep, panicked and quickly choked Nick off her mother causing herself a minor injury because of his swing at her. That was not all, after her daughter leaving to go back to her father's side for awhile, Nick started abusing her more and more violently. Cussing, bitching, and hitting her all the time. Few years later, now in Hawaii Nick still beats her, because her love for him as husband and wife, she never wants to turn him in to the cops. As it continues, Nick working as a hairstylist still, has many different girlfriends. Phone calls always blocked and cell phone always kept secured away. From time to time, he has threatened to kill both the mother and daughter. Note that Nick hasn't got a hold of his Green Card yet, which is why he wouldn't settle with divorce yet. He has went to various places such as Chinatown and spread rumors about how he PAID her to marry him so he can migrate to the US, which is nonsense because both marriage & engagement fee was all money out of her pocket, none whatsoever from him nor his family. He also gossiped lots of horrible stuffs about her to make other people think that she's the bad one, not him. Of course, he continued to violently harass her, he kicked her everywhere like a sandbag and even bitched at her saying that she's framing him to hit her (what the heck, right?). One night, he was telling her how if he doesn't get what he want he'll kill her and her daughter, and if he can't, somebody will. After threatening her, he rushed downstairs and knocked on other apartment doors and yelled "Help, Help! She's trying to kill me!", the cops then came to see the problem. Instead of arresting her, they arrested him. Due to the ridiculous plan of his, it was a failure trying to frame her. Look at his size compared to a woman. With the money of possibly one of his girlfriend, he was bailed out. Carrying on, there was a time when she caught him riding in a car with another woman, he jolted out the car and tried to haul her way and said to his girlfriend "Don't worry honey, I'm here to protect you."and kicked her car.So, instead of calming his wife, he was scared his girlfriend might get hurt? There was another different girlfriend of his, this one was a drug-dealer, and he would talk on the phone with her for hours and hours, but that's over now and on to a new one (just wanted to mention, he has broken about 3 phones for this girl, all of which were bought by his wife). Apparently, you may know by now that he has lots more girlfriends to the extent where it cannot be keep tracked. Due to this madness, she demanded divorce because she cannot accept that if he's married to her but going around f***ing around like that. He, saying no as always, said "what will be, will be. Lawyers can do anything, just go there. I'm not signing anything." Because of his wanting to remain in the states and not get his butt kicked back to Vietnam, he protests against divorcing. However, he also refuses to not see other people. Day after day, he finds out all sorts of ways to make his wife miserable.

A guy like him, he is the definition of LIAR, BASTARD, CHEATER, UNGRATEFUL. He is beyond what's terrible.


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