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      Ten years later


Back in 1987 I left my husband after 8 months of marriage AND abuse and headed back east. While I was starting my life over, I met a few guys and started dating them. In the first year I had dated about three guys but even though I cared for them, I couldn't honestly say that I was in love with any of them.

Then my SOUL MATE walked into my place of employment and although I didn't know his name yet, I just knew in my heart that this guy was going to be MY LIFE ! Well, we started dating and did so for almost three years when things happened that were unavoidable and I had to leave to head back west to attend my oldest daughters surgery and take care of her while she recuperated.

I lost track of this wonderful man and just thought that it wasn't meant to be, so I went on with my life. I started seeing another man after 2 years and have been with him ever since through all sorts of hell. Once again fate stepped in ! Something came up that I HAD to contact The Love of My Life once more. We started writing and calling on the phone every chance we got.

I told him that I was out of his life for ten years but thought about him all the time. I didn't want to tell him that I was still in love with him because I had moved on and just thought that naturally he would also. I did tell him that he was the best friend that I had ever had and was thankful for his friendship which I cherished . This angel wrote back and told me that he sure missed what we had lost and wanted very much to have it back. I wrote him back explaining that I was a Companion to another but that this Other didn't have my heart.

When he wrote back and I opened the letter I cried ! He had told me that he still loved me and the letter was doused with his cologne! Talk about FATE ! I have always believed that if you love something OR someone and you have to let them go, that if they return to you it was certainly meant to be . Well I finally told him that I still love him more than life and I miss him desperately!

He now has certain things he must do to set the ball in motion for us to get back together.

This man is truly MY Soul Mate and I will wait for him once again because I know WITHOUT A DOUBT that we will share the most beautiful love that God EVER allowed between two people, and that we will pull together with our strengths to build on that love.

I have written several poems over the past ten years about this Angel and what he means to me, and maybe someday I will have these poems published so that others will know what it is to find the person your heart dreams about.

I truly believe that I would crawl through the fires of hell to be with him because he is the BEST ! The kindest, gentlest, most loving Man in the Universe and HE has fallen in love with ME !

So, all that I can tell you is this: DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE PERSON YOU LOVE, EVER !


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