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      Coincidence or God's Plan ????


This happen, last summer of 2004, I feel very alone,when my cousin got married and move out to his husband's house living me alone in our boarding house. I live with her and her sister, who at that time is also living for japan coz the company she worked with here in cebu assigned her to their main branch in japan.

So, confused and alone, I have a very boring life,,,from work to my boarding house and vise versa everyday. I don't have love life to call. May nanliligaw but puro sila mga bata pa sa akin, ang iba is mga estudyante, gagawin pa akong sugar mommy,,to think i'm turning 24 in the next month of july. I had a boyfriend before who lasted only 1 week, I mean pang christmas lang, para pag uwi ko sa amin, may ma kwento naman ako sa mga frens ko na may bf na ako. And thank God, blessing in disguise that I broke up with him kasi, drug addict pala siya.(huhuhuhu,for the record my first bf is a drug dependent).My plan in life kasi is to be in the convent..believe or not, naka seminar na ako, and the sisters told me to find myself first, if Im really into it, they said, baka frustrated lang ako kasi I dont have a love life. Sabi nila go out, explore the world, and weigh things, if you receive the call from up above then it is the right time.

I'm not a party goer, but I did try it, go disco, have some night life, go out with my friends and board mates, got drunk, enjoy life  to really find out what I'm gonna do with my life and to find out that signs the sisters told me at the convent.


Actually I did try everything except having bf. I'm really confused if I pursue my plan to be in the convent and be a servant of the Lord for the rest of my life. But, when I see a one big happy family, I also dreamed of having one someday, a loving and responsible husband, 2 kids, one house and one dog. So, amidst all, I asked God's intervention, I made a deal with Him, I said my deadline would be when I reach 25. Asked ako ng sign sa kanya, if during that time I had a serious relationship, then I wasn't meant for Him (the Lord).  I was meant to be married.


It was july 6, my birthday, when I wrote my last wish for my bday, it is a perfect guy in my life. The next day, at the office, I received a memo on my desk, dated july 6, that I suppose to trained 4 newly hired guys in the company.My boss told me, Di ka sana nag bday leave, kasi maraming guys dito kahapon, joke pa niya. So I didnt bother, and keep the memo at my cabinet not knowing that the last guy written on that memo, is the birthday gift for me from God. It was Jumer, At first, I really don't know why I had a strange feelings on him, I easily got irritated at him whenever he nears me, lagi kasi niya akong inaasar. Pero in real life, hes very responsible, kita yun kasi, he never fails to send money to support his brothers schooling at their province. He is loved by everyone in the office for his sense of humor, everybody laughs whenever he jokes, except me, and I don't understand why I reacted that way.


It was saturday night and my office mates planned to hang out on some kind of restobar, and jumer is with us. We really enjoy the night, I felt dizzy that time, maybe because of the beer we drink. Uwi na sana ako pero diyahe naman if ako pang magyaya, kasi the bar is just located few blocks from my boarding house, and some of them tells me that jumer will accompany me on going home kasi, coincidence, magkapitbahay lang kami. Which is mas lalong nakakainis dahil siya pa ang maghahatid sa akin.


Past midnight when we decided to go home. And true, jumer is with me. while waiting for  a taxi, marami siyang sinasabi basta ang na remember ko lang is he said he really likes me a lot, medyo lasing na talaga ako non eh. And he hug me really tight, and when he nearly kiss me, nawala talaga ang pagka lasing ko that time at natulak ko siya, I never been hug nor kiss by a man before.At ang lakas ng loob nitong isa. I don't know if it was harassment or what, thank God a taxi came, and I get in that taxi as fast as I could, para hindi siya makasakay. Nakita ko pa na he tries na habulin ang taxi. When I reached home, I really cried, I feel so scared. Dont really know what to do.He text me and try to calls me but I dont answer his calls.He texted sorry, and I love you.Its just that he dont know how to say his feelings kasi lagi daw akong umiiwas at naiinis sa kanya. Really how, true, paano pa ako maniniwala sa kanya.

Pero he do everything para mapatawad ko siya. Niligawan niya lahat, mga close friends ko,board mates,cousins,pati landlady namin to win me. And he wins.Our relationship as bf-gf lasted for 4 years,and those are the happy years of my life.

Now we are happily married,starting to build our dreams together. The signs that I asked from God are real,all you have to do is to wait for the right time when He intervene. And God really answers our prayers.The things that comes in our lives are not by chance nor coincidence  but its Gods  plan.










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