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      Life is nothing but conundrum



we humans are insatiable in nature...we can hardly satisfy ourselves even if we already have everything we want. we crave for things that we really don't need and once we already have what we want, still we look for something better. we long for people who doesn't even like us. we can't love the persons who love and long for us dearly. we take for granted the people who loves us truly and when they finally stopped loving us, we start to care. we find it very easy to  give advices to the problems of others where in fact we can't even solve our own. and depressingly, we learn to admit our mistakes when it's too late to be sorry. these are what makes life a puzzle, a never ending cycle. what this life offers us are opportunities to grow up, learn more and become better persons. sometimes we just get too lazy to even notice it. if we've been doing it right from the start then life must have been boring, right? but let's view it in another way. if we start doing things in the supposed way, then life may even bring us more opportunities to live better and we could have been saved from the miseries caused by our own wrong choices. hmmmm.... just a thought.


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