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I thought that we could last eternity. I thought that you were the only one i needed in my life, i guess i never considered what would happen when someone just as great as me or even greater came into the picture. Guess i never thought about it...i dont need too anymore because it's happening, i dont need to think about it i can just witness it. The space growing between less we talk now. Your words towards me, your all shows. This is it, this is where we ...break...up. Although i dont even want to think about it or really want to accept it. What else can i do? ... All i can do is watch an wait, as she gets everything i've ever dreamt for...all she has to do is sit there and look an act the way she does. I dont think she really realizes how lucky she is, why cant you see that i know how to make you truly happy, i know everything about you. Why cant you just ...


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