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      My life lesson from one relationship


The spring of 2005 i met a boy everyone called E.A [initials] we spent everyday and night together, we got along perfectly my family loved him, his family loved me in the beginning everything was perfect. I thought he was amazing, I've always been a sucker for the old fashion type guys, where they open your car door and pull out your chair and all that kinda stuff and i haven't met a lot of guys like that but he was one of few. for the first...I'd say 6-8 months things were great, at least i thought then on our one year anniversary he was no where to be found. I was so upset I didn't even try to call him. The next day he showed up at my house around nine in the morning with roses and a ring, he handed them to me and i just glared at him. By this time the excitement of a "new relationship" was gone so his true person had came out, no more nice guy just a all out jerk. So when he handed them to me and he didn't get a hug or a thank you just a glare he decided to smack me, I fell into the door and he just walked past me went in my house and made himself comfortable. I got up and walked in crying, it was the first time he had ever done anything like that. That wasn't the first sign to leave him but it was the biggest reason to leave. But i was dumb, I was like many of the girls i knew, i catered to everything he wanted treated him like gold. And i still dont know why. Everybody knew about us and we both put on a act for everybody and wouldn't show people how things really were. I never asked where he was on our anniversary I knew it would be a lie anyways. Then a few weeks later i started noticing how him and my best friend acted towards each other I had always suspected something but I just didn't want to believe it. I found out a few weeks later on our one year he spent the day with my best friend and he had been cheating on me with her for queit awhile. I stupidly took him back. We ended up being together for 2 years and 10 months. Within that time he had cheated on me with every single one of my "so called" friends, beat me, controlled everything about me. But i let him do it i never told anybody just faked a smile and let things go. And i was to scared of him to say anything. Finally 4 days before we broke up he told me to come over when i got off work, I got off early and went over there, I walked in to find him and some girl i had never seen naked in bed with each other. I started screaming at him saying everything i had ever thought, best and worst thing i have ever done. The girl left in the mix of everything and he started pushing me and yelling then he hit me i woke up a day later in critical care. The only one that was by my side was my mom, my brothers and sisters had been there but my mom sent them home, the doctors didn't think i was gonna make it and my younger sister couldn't handle it so my mom sent everybody home to watch after her.I woke up with 27 stiches in my head 4 stiches along my eye brow and 3 broken ribs and a concusion. My mom was so upset and thats my biggest regret , not telling her before it was almost to late. When i finally got released I went home and explained everything we decided not to let peolple know i was home because he would try to come back . cops came and asked if i wanted to press charges, i said no because i was to scared. My brothers went over and told him not to show up again and not to even look at me . He didn't listen he came over when no one was home and told me if i tell anyone or decide to quit talking to him he'd kill me. I told my oldest brother about this and he went over there he still has never told me what was said but whatever it was, worked. I still see him every now and then and i will never understand why i put up with him. I haven't seen him in about 3 months at all. I hear hes in and out of lock up heavy on drugs and i guess he goes to donate blood 2 times a week for money. Its crazy how a person can not only control what you do but also how you think. For some odd reason I thought i was in love. How you confuse love and hell is beyond me but I did it. I sit and wonder how my life would be if i would have stuck with him, but all honesty i most likely wouldnt have lived to tell. It's amazing how the person of your dreams, so perfect in everyway can turn into everything you hate and at the same time make you feel like your in love. This relationship taught me a lot but the biggest thing it taught me was never ignore things because the longer they go unoticed the worse they will get. And to never settle for less.


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