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      My fairytale


I never believed in love at first sight... that was until I met this guy near my grandmother's house. One look into his eyes and I was his.

Everyday I would go there just to pass by his house and have a look at him. After a few months of this looking thing we had he disappeared and I was crushed. Even though I didn't know the guy I loved him with all my heart. I told my friend Danny about him and he told me that he saw him so he took me to him. As soon as we saw each other it was magical. I mean seriously you could just see how in love we were. He asked for my number so I wrote it on his hand and when I looked up at him he kissed me. I just melted. we spent a total of two days together until he had to go to P.R.. We kept in touch for three months. Every single day I would call him or he would call me.

Then he came back and things were perfect at least I thought so. My mom hates him but he makes me so happy in so many ways. I still see him everyday even though I'm forbidden to even speak to him. We make it possible even if its just 5 minutes those 5 minutes we cherish. Yeah we have to hide our love but every fairy tale has a monster. Ours is the prejudice of my mother. Because he isn't rich or has a terrific job he isn't worth anything to her but he offers me the world. He gave up so much to be with me but she can't see that but one day we will have a happy ending and she will see that he is all I want and love.


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