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      Starving for love


I think i am psychotic person,..because some guys want to court me, but i don't like them though they are not that ugly or unkind,..i really don't want to entertain them,. because i am sticking to a one person that means a world to me,..though we don't have a relationship, the only thing that connect us is Cellphone,.he was just my txtmate that make any mushy txt that made me fall for him,..even one of us doesn't make any move just to have a relationship more than friends,... but, me is giving him an idea that i do really like him,..and sad to say there is no response,..he wouldn't reply if i open that kind of conversation to him,...i am the kind of girl that focuses only to a one guy that i really like,..and hoping that one day he will meet with me,..and start to go on dating,..Every night before i go to sleep there is always a big space in my prayer that someday, somehow,..he would realized that ther is this girl waiting for him to be recognize,...though we were acquainted personally,..and seeing each other often,..but still, very KULANG!!!,..

I do have many friends and my family is complete,..but, why is that i am still empty and incomplete,..i'm not assuming that his the one who will complete me,..but i think if his with me,..i will be complete ang there will be no emptiness in my heart....,

as of now the status of myself is broken,..and starting to collect all the tiny pieces to fix the broken me,..


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