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      His last breath broke me....


The biggest heart break of my life happened when i was 10, Heart break to most people is when there love breaks there heart, But for me it was Jack. When i was 3 my mom started working at the mall in Kansas City, we had just moved there and didn't know very many people. My mothers second week at the store she met Lisa, Lisa and my mom became best friends and me and Lisa's son Jack became best friends also. I grew up with Jack we did everything together, I leaned how to swim with him, I learned how to ride a bike with him, And I also had my first kiss with him. When we turned 8 we started "dating" or having play dates as everybody called it. We new everything about each other and day by day we were learning more and more. We even had a fake marriage, the rings were gummy worms, what do you expect we were only 8. We were planning on growing old together, but like most love something came in between it, But in our case it was more than we would of ever thought. When Jack turned ten, both me and his mom noticed that something was wrong, He seemed very weak. On February, 13, 2003 me and jack were in school and for some reason jack told me that he felt dizzy and his nose hurt the next thing I know his nose stated bleeding and he was on the floor passed out. I was in shock, and I didn't know what to do. The teacher called Lisa and i called my mom, as soon as Lisa found out she got to the school and we rushed Jack to the hospital. After tons of tests and days spending the night at the hopital, the doctors diagnosed Jack with Leukemia, a blood disease. They told us he only had about 4 months to live, I cried for 2 weeks straight, then I told myself that i had to do something, Me, Lisa and my mom made sure that he got to be a kid before he passed. We spent every last day Jacks best last days ever. Jack passed on June,3, 2004. I am now fifteen and every thing that we did everything we learned is still stuck in my heart for forever. I will love him always and forever.

                                                                          Love always,

                                                                                       Ashley Boisvert


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