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      He's My Hero....


My names Ashley Boisvert, and my love story started in foster care. I started foster care in the middle of November.

I felt as if my life was at the lowest point it could get, and i was pregnant. My foster sisters were always being judge-mental about everything. I started school one week after i got into foster care, I was a sophomore in Chanute High School.

My first few weeks there were uncomfortable but only because i did not no anybody. About a month after i got in Chanute everybody knew that i was pregnant. And every day it got harder and harder to talk to people cause they knew i was pregnant. At that time i was crushing on Dillon Williams, but i had a feeling he wouldn't speak to me because i was pregnant so i just stayed away.

Day by day people would start stories about me when they didn't know me. I only had a few people that would ever talk to me, I got sick of it. On December 13th I wrote a note to my crush, Dillon. I was scared to tell him who I was so I put your secret admirer at the end, and i had him guess who i was, I was planning to tell him the night of homecoming.... But it didn't work out that way. Dillon guessed who i was the day I gave him the note, It scared me cause then he probably knew all the rumors about me.



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