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I have a special boy for me,his name is Gerry.We already shared so many unforgettable moments together,we have our songs,our bonding moments and our good friendship. With all of that, i can't avoid falling inlove with him. He's a very nice guy but he don't know how to groom himself that time,but I still love him for who is he yet,I don't have the right courage to tell him what i feel.. Till the time came that our friends started to tease us & that's also the time he started avoiding me. I can't really understand why he's acting like that and I started hating yet loving him for that. our good friendship was lost but my love for him is still there. We started going our own ways.We often see each other but we seldom talk.But on those few months that passed,I noticed that he changed.He already groom himself properly and it is undeniably that he is such a very handsome man that even gays adore him.I love that he's better to see but i feel bad coz he became lazy and conceited. The nice guy i met and loved before was already gone.And the thing that i hate most about him, is that he's being always mean to me and i don't know why.whenever i speak to him,he won't listen.Whenever i'll call him,he'll just ignore me.And whenever we see each other around,he's snobbing me.I am always observing his behavior and i noticed that he's only doing that to me. To the hell in this world why he's doing that to me? I always attempting to confront him but he always avoids.If one day he accidentally read this, i just want him to know how much i am hating him or maybe i'm just affected?!Maybe i sound absurd but girls like me don't deserve this humiliation from stupid guys.I don't know when will our story end,but now..I don't want to care for him anymore..i want to put my attention to other guys who deserves a girl like me..i simply want to forget the past.i just want to put out my heart..If i only can :'(


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