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      A girl to remember...


When i was 18, i went into a r'ship with a girl, L from school. We were very close when we got together. We spend every single day with each other. We would meet after class n i would sent her home almost everyday. We lasted for about for one and the half year.

She had difficulties coping with the break up. I felt bad but i knew we can't go any further. I decided to stay as her best friend, knowing that she is a fine girl. Not long then, i got into another r'ship with another girl. It failed terribly. Partly because, I felt that i still had feelings for L. There was no purpose in me continuing that r'ship if it was insincere.

Even though we were out of any r'ship, L was there for me every time when i was down. She even lets me read her personal diary.

Soon, i decided to patch things up with her. however, it didn't last long. We broke up again. It was me, yet again who initiated the separation. I had my reasons but they were never told, even to L.

I was surprised that till now, she never hated me for the separations. in fact, she treats me as her best friend and i found out that she even mentioned me in her prayers.

It has been about 2-3 years. L has finally moved on. She has found someone who she believes is destined to be with her. As for me, I have met a few girls here and there. However, i realized that i am missing L. Till now, She is the person who knows me best, who understands me the most. Recently, she wrote in her personal diary that she'll never get back together with me after what has happened previously, as much as she cares for me as her best friend.

It was big blow to me, as i felt that i was starting to fall in love with L yet again , but if she has found someone who can provide her with all the happiness in this world, i'll reluctantly, but sincerely, give her my blessings. Now that i can no more be with her, all i want next is for her to be happy always.


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