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      My only love


I have done dedications online and on live radio and through of course my poetry but, when you are lucky enough to find the one true love of your life, no matter where you go or what you do you can never get tired of telling the world and all in between of your love and how not giving up got you where you are.

So that is where I will begin my love story I met the love of my life and now my soul mate through my cousin and never would I have believed that we would end up together so rich and full in love with each other. The reason I say this is because, when we first met we could not stand each other at all. I thought he was the most stuck up and selfish guy ever. So to continue we did not get along at first but later I found out why he had told my cousin that he was freaking out because, he was always able to find something wrong in every girl he had ever met but with me he did not so he had to give a himself a reason not to like me so that is why he picked a fight with me. Crazy.

Well after all that we ended up talking on the phone and writing each other by postal mail. You see I had just got out of a terrible relationship so I wasn't about to jump into another one so fast. But, a few months went by and I kept seeing that I was starting to fall for him and so I told myself to be careful and so I started pushing him away and well he got upset and told me that all he wanted was a chance to prove that he was not my ex and that he was scared also and that we could support each other. So we got together and all was so great and we were together for over a year. Then the rumors started that I only wanted him for his money etc. so that all got to me and I told him that I needed a break. So we separated for about 5 weeks and we decided that we should try again and by this time I knew I was falling hard for him and things was changing between us the relationship was deepening.

Well, we got back together and I made the worst decision of my life to go to Job Corp and that was out of state and well throughout time we grew apart and well a lot happened and we ending up really breaking up for good.

Although I was graduated and had been gone a year and 2 months I couldn't get him out of my mind and especially my heart and so I got the courage to call him and well he was with someone else but, everyone told me that they knew he wasn't happy including his mom and that he had changed when we broke up and I told her that I loved him and I never knew real love until I fell in love with him and that I have never wanted someone so much in my life. So she told me to go for it and well I did and I won but, it took a long long time with a lot of heartache and tears upon millions of tears..

The thing is that since then I now know the true meaning behind "you never know what you have until you loose it".

Well you must be wondering is this going to have a happy ending hmmm..well it is truly like a fairy tale come true for me to find out that my soul mate is someone that had been staring me in the face for years...

Yes, it does end happy me and him are now together and nothing will come between us again, he is my destiny and my dream come true.

So in conclusion I have told the world my love story and I have to stress this that if you are in a situation to where it is getting rough and all you can do is think of that person you love, Don't Give Up! please know that all good things comes to those who wait, believe me I know.

Thank you for taking your time to read my love story. Feel free to email me with comments or questions at

Thanx and God Bless

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