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      A life of love for just one man.


         *Alejandro came to my house late afternoon disparate and having all intentions of doing something that wasn't right. I pushed him off and demanded to know what was really going on with him. His parents where sending him away. They couldn't Handel having him around a southern girl like me. I was never good enough for them. So i told him that it wouldn't matter where each one of us went. That we would always find a way to go together. That same night i had told my parents that i was sick of their choosing My happiness. That message was sent straight to my mother, then once the clock stroked 12:00p.m. I meet up with Alejandro at the park. Both knowing nothing about the future, and not caring about the consequences following it. At that point are love was so strong nothing else mattered. We would find a way together. We were both accepted happily and gracefully in the farm his aunt[Maria] and uncle[Joe] had up in New York. After a year living with Alejandro and his aunt and uncle, not knowing anything at all about my family something spacial happened. I remember that day as if it was just yesterday. We were on a date and we were at the beach in a shack and that night i finally lost my [V]. The next morning i finally realized what i had done and after almost running out and going crazy he held on to me and told me that everything was going to be OK. That he would never let anything bad happen to me.  I trusted him with my life on the line. After  about 2 months, i finally realized something bigger. As i was in medical school with my best friend Mia i got really dizzy as we walked to Class. And before i new it i lost my balance, and passed out. Once i woke up i was sent with Mia home, but just instead we went to check what we predicted. Yes, i was pregnant. That dropped on me like an atomic bomb. That night at the dinner table i told them what had happened and what i now waited for. A baby! I was scared, and confused. A baby wasn't something i could Handel at the time i wasn't even threw with school yet. I had to tell Alejandro what tormented me every night sense i knew what i carried inside me. He got furious and their he said "Don't do this." The baby had nothing to do with what happened that night. To carry the baby for 9 months and once he was out safely i could grab my things and go but to not take away his baby. After 8 months of not talking with him, i finally came to realize that i was. A mother, no matter what happened, and if i had set up for an abortion as i was planning it would be like killing my own baby. After the time of recognizing who i was ,then i knew what i had to do. I told Alejandro what i now wanted. And he came back to me. Now this is where the story begins to change. As Maria and i were out shopping for the baby's cloth, we had an accident. The baby was fine, but i was in coma. My mother had arrived and told Alejandro to take the baby boy and leave for ever. Alejandro with the guilt did it with out any last words. And when i woke up, i found my self with an empty cradle, and the love of my life completely gone. No letter ,no calls. He had left, and took the most valuable thing i had left. My son. Later on after 3 years, i found out the truth of why i woke up that morning and found my self completely abandoned. My mother had set it all in a plan. Now i live in Los  Angele's California and my son is somewhere around the world. I hated my mother for that. So i went on a search to clam what i had lost. A 3 year old baby boy that i had no clue what the name was and is recognized to be my son. It was hard, and frustrating not knowing if i would ever see him again but i did, at they end and when i did my heart began to feel warm again. a feeling i didn't have sense that one day. But good news isn't always good for long. Alejandro was now married and me heartbroken. I had nothing else but to clam what was mine and let go of what i couldn't have. Me and my baby went back to California and then after 6 months moved to live in Mexico. And then the story changes again... Just when you think its over. He came back for me and for  are son. Are love is  and was always strong. I guess this story isn't just a one time crush. Mines lasted a life time..



                       They END!!!
















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