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      The love of a good man


I just would like to start by saying I really enjoy everyone's stories. I been having some problems with my marriage, and thought I would find someone better online.

The saying goes the grass is not greener on the other side. I started corresponding with this someone who had answered my personal ad. The time of our first conversation, I did not find anything of interest with him, but I thought we would just be friends. Several months went by and I did not hear anything from him. But at a low point in my life, there he was again, trying to get my attention.

I could really use a shoulder to lean on and he began chatting with me. He told he had moved 300 miles North of me, and that he was very interested in meeting in the future. Every day after that , we would chat online for several hours. He asked if he could give me a call, I said that would be nice. He kept his word and called that night. He mostly did the talking and I just listened to him talk. I told him I was glad that he called.

We continuing chatting everyday for hours and I began to find myself opening up to him. I told him I was looking for someone like him. He mentioned he was thinking of me a lot. I knew we were both falling for each other and I could not be happier. After only two weeks later, we agreed to meet in person. I was excited because I would be traveling by train. He had purchased my train ticket as soon as I told him I was able to leave my kids with their dad. It was a long train ride and I was somewhat nervous about meeting him for the first time. When I arrived at my destination, as I walking up the aisle, I saw him outside standing there, I knew exactly from his description. I was very tired and just glad to get off the train. I gave him a big hug, but was still very nervous to say the least. Well to make a long story shorter. We wind up having a great wonderful time together that weekend. I did not want to leave, and told him, I would be back soon.

When I got home, I was missing him so much. We began chatting the same day. This continuing for another month, when things started going downhill with us. When I told him I needed to stay here for now to be with my kids and find work here. He said I made the right choice, but told him I wanted to be with him soon. He said we would work things out and he was willing to wait but not forever for me. Well the next day, I did not hear a word for him, but I knew he was having some problems there. I spoke to him the next day, we only spoke a few minutes. but I knew something was not right, he did not say I love you back to me. I did not want to admit that something was not right with us. The following day, I called him at work, and said we need to talk, and if he could give me a call when he got home. He said I have something to say to you. He then blurted out that he had met someone else and was dating her. I was in shock, could not speak, was crying hard. When I finally said something , he had already hung up. I thought of calling him back, but I would not beg him to take me back. When I was able to regain my composure, I called my husband at work, and told him what had happened. Since my husband still loves me, he was home in fifteen minutes. He held me in his arms while I told him how I felt. I know my husband was hurting also since I was involved with this other guy. Even thou my husband and I still live together, I was not able to share the same bed with him. I told I would like to work things out and even go seek professional help. He agreed, because he stills wants to make me happy . Most men would have told their cheating wives to move out. But since my husband still cares for me, I know I have the love of a good man, who will stick by me through thick and thin.

Thanks for reading my story, Just had to get this written and share with all.


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