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      Mr. Perfect or imperfect?


It was summer when I decided to enroll for 2months classes, I enrolled not knowing there are a lot more things that will happen aside from learning. I am an ordinary girl, they call me snobbish, strict and all but I haven't thought of figuring out how to love. I accepted being broken hearted with 2 guys whom I actually thought who had fallen in love with me like I do. One time, Bianca, my close friend shared a lot of stuffs about love and suddenly came up to match me with a classmate. Every guy she paired with me had no impact knowing that I want a guy who exemplifies a unique identity. I found this tall, silent guy he is a nursing student like me too. Itís weird when weíre a part of one department yet it is my first time to see him in school. He never says hi to me or to my friends. Funny, I even remember when I was one of the students who passed the exam and quiz just by studying and staring at him. When the summer classes almost ended my other friend Rey keeps on teasing me about the guy we used to call Mr. Perfect. The school began last June and I never thought one time he saw me and asked me a few questions related to school, then the night came when I received a text message from him, we were then constant friends and text pals. What made me struck was he tried to make friends with me because he wants to know me, he shared everything and make me believed that behind the perfect aura I saw in him was a person who also has heart aches in his life. My mom has a friend who works in a flower shop, to my surprise, she went to our classroom and handed me flowers from an admirer she said. When I opened the card I saw my full name and my code name for him. It started there. Up to now, we are both struggling with our school life as student nurses, we are figuring out how God made a miracle. Miracle because his faith was tested with so many constraints about his family and on the other hand, I am a relax person who has almost all the luck yet I havenít appreciated them. I created a bond with him. We are both ready that we cannot really say until when can we be together, one thing is for sure, we may not be together forever ,we already figured out that there is no perfect someone for each of us yet an imperfect one comes so that we can love them perfectly.

-Miss Karine


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