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      Maryland love


Like so many, I met a special person over the net a couple of years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. After our first conversation, I realized that she was someone special. I also doubted the fact that our paths would ever cross again, but they did!!! Eventually, we began talking on the phone every night for hours on end sending pictures/letters back and forth. She would call me in the morning 5am as I was leaving for work just to say hello. She was the one person who managed to get me to sing love songs to them, which is a rarity since I'm very bashful about my singing voice.

Despite the distance that separated us, there was "serious" talk about us being together. We also agreed that we would be happy if either of us should ever meet someone. Of course we would be hurt, but all we wanted was for the other person to be happy. We lost contact for a while and I'm guessing that she had a few bad experiences with men being that when I finally caught back up with her, she said that her attitude towards men was at an all-time low and saying little else afterwards. We lost contact again after this conversation being that we both began going through hectic times in our lives. I met someone through a friend and let's just say that I decided to be honest with her about this being that neither of us had ever been dishonest with each other. She has not said a word to me ever since, which saddens me to say the least.

We began as friends and I would do anything to have that friendship that helped me endure a seemingly impossible time in my life. If she ever reads this which I truly doubt, I would just like her to know that she will always be an ANGEL in these eyes and that I apologize for hurting someone who was once a friend and became much more. I guess this is why so many of us are afraid to take the leap from friends to more than just friends.

She will always have a place in my heart and even though she may hate me, I wish her nothing but the best in life, love, and future relationships to come. If we should never speak again, I feel very blessed to have met such a person who helped me to see a side of myself I didn't realize existed. I welcome any and all responses to this mini-novel and I also thank those who took the time to read it.


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