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      It wasn't meant to be I suppose...


I really just enjoy love stories... I'm a romantic in an off sort of way. I'm 14 (fresh meat) and I have never had a boyfriend or a kiss in my life... I don't think I've ever been in love, but I have definitely felt love for someone. I really just want to get my story off my chest and this seemed like a good place to do it so here it goes.


I've been a tomboy all my life, always hung with my dad, always gone hiking, my mom didn't like that much so she sent me to dance classes and there I fell in love. I quit football, and soccer, baseball, just about everything to be on competing dance teams. Hate to brag but I have always been the best. (or so I have been told) Dancing, singing, and acting are basically my life, I never had time for a boy. In fifth grade (when they start F.L.E. ((human growth and development)) the boys started calling me ugly, and a little boy instead of a girl. All this nonsense everyone told me not to believe, of course I believed it what did they expect? So in seventh grade I got my first crush on this boy in eigth grade (JD), who sang and acted and danced. HE WAS AMAZING! I couldn't believe I had met anyone so perfect, but he didn't notice me, he was the only one. Every single other guy asked me out or told me I was hot... something along those lines... but not him. So in eigth grade there was a boy named Brad, who was perfect in another sense (tall, blond, athletic) When I first met him he thought I was out of his league and i thought he was out of mine. Slowly towards the end of the year we got close, I sat on his lap at lunch, he taught me pick up lines. We would lie down and read together, he was amazing. He would pick me up if I was tired or play with my hair if I was already asleep. On my birthday he barely made it to my party and he didn't even say hi, so when he saw I was a little down he came over picked me up and swung me around till I was sick. At a school dance he left his date (who basically forced him to go with her) to come dance with me. ( mainly during the slow dances) So I started loving him. On my birthday he told me he liked me too. At the beginning of this year, we had a class together (theatre) and we had to see Romeo and Juliet together, he held my hand the whole time, sliding a ring off and on my finger. I thought it was cute and he didn't look mad. When Romeo came out without a shirt though and I whistled I think he was a little jealous. So on the bus home he wouldn't let go of me. Slowly my friends started noticing he wasn't talking to them anymore, so I got a little mad, and I told him what was up. He didn't speak to me after that for months. Just ignored me, switched out of our class. I missed him, but there wasn't anything i was gonna do why would I keep him from attempting to live his life? So I cried a little while, and now he is only a dream. I still talk to him, but not like i used to, it isn't the same. At the begining of the year, I found JD again in my 7th period which I have everyday. Sophmore now, cuter still, you had to audition to get into the class and he was acing it just like me. We talk now like I used to talk to Brad, I don't have time to hang with him like I wish I could, but we talk whenever we see each other. He tole me he likes me, I told him I like him, but it isn't the same. I loved Brad, and I knew better. I told all my friends go after the guy you want but make sure you know it isn't going to last forever. I want Brad but I can't have him anymore. So I settled for the first dream guy and you know hopefully I will learn to love him the same, but you never forget your first love.


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