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      Someday all of us had a story to tell


It was January 2007 when I'm already confused and my feelings changed towards him.I don't know why and how did it happen because one morning i woke up thinking about him and go to school for the purpose of seeing and talking to him.I have so many questions left unanswered and feelings left unspoken.

we were classmates in high school (3rd-4th yrs), were not even friends! the whole junior year, we don't care and don't mind each other,acting like I'm not there and he's not there and we don't even talk and laugh together.I remember how i hate him and i don't know why.when I'm still in the 2nd year of my high school life ,I already noticed him and the moment i knew we're classmates , I felt the urge to transfer.

Time changes the feelings u have for the person u hate. senior high came and we were still classmates. we were elected as class officers of batch 2007-2008 and sadly he wants my part, I'm the secretary of the class and he's the treasure, which I also hated , so, he talked to me and we exchange positions but our teacher didn't know that.

It all started with a small conversation and we became friends, as time passed by we became close friends. The he whom i knew in the past and expected him to be is absolutely wrong. Everytime i go to school and entered the room, he calls and chatter comes along.There are days when we pretended to be couples and planning our wedding +_+..its really a memory to remember. The day I felt confused with my feeling towards him when he no longer calls me when I come in and won't talk to me.That;s the time i realize how better he is and how deserving he is to be loved and cared because he did so many things that changed my life. I then remember the times when he's the only person who knows when I'm badly hurt,and cares when I'm not feeling well.

graduation Day came and i slipped of my pocket and get my cellphone and texted him saying "congratulations and I love u" after the ceremony he comes to me saying "congratz" and straight-away goes home. It hurts me though seeing him walking away and I won't be with him the next day around.

summer was the time i love most because he told me why he's acting like that in the past few days, won't talk to me and for exchanging me for someone.guess what? he loves me! and I'm very very much happy to hear it. everyday seems like yesterday once more. And now, we are what you think we are. and he really change the way he say things are very different than before.

It's a very long story to tell but it may help u think that there are some people fall in love when they already found the one who can touch and change their life for a lifetime.

Here is the truth behind it.why I'm so much happy that he change and learn to love someone like me.He is known to be gay since high school and I'm so much happy that I did change him for a reason,hehehe

thank you for reading my story hope u like it.


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