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      My first lover


Hi my name is Farz well thats wat they call me or the short formation of my name. Basically my story is about the first guy i lay my eyes on even we didnt lasted for long.

I was 12 when his friends told me that he had a crush on me but i didnt really  take it on cause i didnt like him at all nor did i even know him that much. He was in my bigger sister class and his name was Sud ( short formation for his name). Sud and i didnt had that much in common and he was a year older than i was. He was the type of guy that would do anything for a girl he really loved or wanted to be in a serious relation with.

A month or 2 after spending some time with each other i realized that i was developing feelings for him. So i confront him and tell him that i Love him he was shocked and we became BF-GF i was his first and he was my first.

I didnt really wanted all my friends to know so i told him let us keep it a secrete cause i dont want to cause any problems. We spent times together at school and texting at night on the phone.

Somehow when school closed for our August vacation we lost contact with each other and i didnt felt the same way anymore. So when school reopen i wrote a letter to him and send it with one of my best friend telling him that its over. We spent 3 wonderful months together but it was me i didnt think i was ready yet.

Anyways 1 year passed since we broke up and he and one of my best friend became best of buddies i was heart broken cause the way they acted was like if they had a thing going but i just ignored it. I moved on with one of his friends which im totally in love with and im still with that friend.

But what hurt me is that i cant somehow get over him i tried and tried but it didnt work. So i ignored my feelings. Then a couple weeks after my friend came telling me that she has a crush over him i just encourage her to tell him but she was shy after a while she went and confront him but he said nothing just staired at her and walked away.

She felt bad but their was nothing i could of done for her because since we broke up we stopped talking to each other but after a couple of weeks he called her and ask if there was a space in her heart that was empty for him and he would like to fill it up.

She call me a few minutes after and told me but i was shocked to here that. I asked her what she told him she said to give her sometime. I told her why didnt you tell him YES. She said she was afraid that she hurt me but i told her i was all over him and you should tell him Yeah.

The next day the news was all over the school that they both loved each other i was happy for them but deep down inside me i still loved him and hope someday in life we will reach up if not in this life then maybe in the next life to come.

And thats the story of my first love.


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