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      What should I do, still in love with my ex?


It was July 2007 when my relationship with my ex-bf started,he is lovable, kind and caring. with him i feel comforted. he always care with me. we didn't pass a day without txting and calling each other. I'm so inluv with this guy, we always set a day when we will meet each other bcoz we are miles away started when they assign my work in a 1 hour travel from his place. Could u blieve that dis guy is only a student and im already a professionakl? Im 5 years older than him but i didn't worry about that. Coz there's a saying age doesnt matter, even him dont bother on what others may say. Our relationship lasted for only 11 months for i heard news that when he went to their province there was this one girl linked with him. But he confesses to me that there's nothing going on between them. I dont want to hear any explanation from him and so without too much words I broke up with him even though i know he loves me so much and so the same way i feel for him.

It took 6 months for me to move on but even though we've been through as lovers we still have a communication. in all his words he's saying it seems that nothing happened. He dont stop calling me with his endearment to me, in every message he texted there is always a word "iluvu".

Now my heart is breaking into 2 coz i have already which started only this year. I love my bf now and im happy to be with him but the worst part of it is that i dont want to loose my ex. My ex found out that i have my new bf,he said he still love me he wants me to come back to him that all the feelings he had for me never been erased nor fade.He didn't stop courting me until now.he almost begging to me to come back.My bf knew that i and my ex still have a communication, he didn't worry about it coz he wants us to become a good friends.He is confident on wats goin' with our relationship coz he says he has a full trust in me, and i don't want to break it.What should i do? i dont want to hurt the feelings of my bf but i don't want to loose my ex.


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