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      I will never fall in love again!


on march 2 2008 a guy asked me out on the phone because of my cousin. my cousin told him about me and so he ask me out. every time i asked him if i could see him he always say yes but in the end he doesn't come. in the middle of eighth grade my family accidentally moved to Hawaii. i told him and he said he was going to wait for me and i wait for him. because he said he will see me one day even though we are far away from each other.

              eight months later,

i was still waiting for him and is wishing he could call me one day. but nobody did. i called my cousin and she ignore me, so i call my friend from eighth grade but she said....." can u handle this" i asked handle what but she slowly said " your boyfriend is going out with your cousin"... i dropped the phone and tears keep running down like a lake... my sister comfort me and from then on i didn't even trust anybody except my parents, sisters, and brothers. i also promise myself not to fall in love again because I'm afraid i might hurt again... Oh! it took me eight months to overcome the pain of falling in love.

              i'm like a dead watch stucked in the past... 

                      please dont make the same mistake i did try to move on, because love is painful. 

                                                    by: Leleiga Jacinta Moli


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