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      Love for a little boy and his grandma


In March of 99 I had a miscarriage. My mom thought that was it, she thought that she would have no more grandkids. Six months later I was pregnant again. The pregnancy started out fine then I started to have problems. I ended up with pre-eclampsia toxciema. (high blood pressure). The doctors thought that I was going to loose this one so they decided to take him on May 17, 2001.

He weighed 2lbs at birth. He had a rough start and almost died a couple of times. I no more then get my son healthy and out of the hospital and my mother ended up getting very sick. My dad called me and said that my mom almost died. My mom ended up having to go on kidney dialysis 4 times a day. she is very sick but she is trying to stay alive so that she can see her grandson in person. She has never seen him only pictures.

I hope to get to New York next May for mothers day and for his second birthday. Love can conquer all. Where there is a way there is always a will.

Sarah Rice


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