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      Forbidden Love


Not every love you go through can last for ever. What i am going to tell u now is such a hard love story. No one knows how is it going to end. But everyday it gets more and more harder on Both of us. All i want in my life is my darling to be with me. I don't care about family, friend, studies, or anything else OTHER THAN HIM. we are somehow relatives, he is my step- dad's son. And my dad is such a strict man, who would never let me marry the person I love. My darling & I have been togther now for 2 years. he leaves in Europe, and I am in egypt. We see each others twice a year, some imes more. U know how hard it is to be far from the person u love?? u know how much pain u go through every day and every night?? U now how it feels to go to sleep everyday with tears in ur eyes and asking god to get both of u closer to each other?

I never felt as happy as the past 2 years and the first time i saw him. We had such great days together. Every time he came to egpt, he gave me the happiest days of my life, and the moment i know that he is going back my heart breaks, and i feel like i want to die. I spend the worst days of my life after he leavs. It feels like a person had everything he wanted between his amrs, and suddelny in one second everything was gone.

the moment he leaves out of the door, i feel tooo lonely, too sad, i want to run to him embrace him, tell him'' i am worthless without u, take me with u , don't leave me''

Plz someone tells me what can i do. how can reach him. how can i be always by his side. How can we marry, and have a happy life and get our children and live happily, as one family.


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