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      Special Thru My Eyes


Im gonna cut my story short.. to show everyone that love never dies.. we were couples for 6 years.. towards the end she found another guy.. it killed me.. i begged her for a chance.. she said she was afraid as she cant handle the responsibilities of a relationship being long distance.. i begged n begged n cried to her just for one chance..

She didnt give.. when she came down this time.. i gave her the best time.. took her out for lunch n dinner ( her favourite restaurants) i know she enjoed so much this time.. she thanked me.. she kissed me.. it was wonderfull..

Now she's not mine.. but in the arms of another guy.. why am i still here for her?? i dont know.. maybe hope..maybe my prayers will one day be answered.. i love her and i know she still loves me.. 6 years is something not as easy as it is said.. She's my love.. and ill wait.. and be by her side.. she told me i have always been the one who comforts her and a pair of ears to hear her problems.. ill be the special person..

She will be mine again.. she will..i hope its not too late.. life goes on?? it does but much harder.. My first love that i never want to let it die..

Would love to hold on to her hands and say my dearest love, ur my fire that lights up my life with hope n courage to move forward..and give her the longest warmest kiss and never to open my eyes and feel her warmer in my arms..

My dear.. life is so beautifull.. i hope n wish u give me that one chance.. with that one chance ill pursue my goal to be with u whereever u are.. just so u know im always there by ur side.. giving u happiness beyond words.. i have always put u before my happiness.. now i have to put urs again before mine.. u feel my pain, u see the hurt n pain i go thru everyday wen u look thru my eyes yet u remain silent about it.. i know ur afraid by comforting me, ill break down.. but dear just cuz i break down n ry to u doesnt mean im angry or i want u to feel bad.. its cuz i have no one else to share my problems to.. ur a great girl.. i know u r..ur frens know u just hardly 2 years. i know u for 6 years.. u know who u r deep down.. ill wait for that day my dear for us to be in a relaionship again..ill wait dear..

Guess its not a short story after all.. i wish all u guys n girls a great life ahead.. for every reason that pulled u down, climb back up for that very same reason.. and alter the fate that u thought was the end.. god is always fair.. always.. god bless all of ya'll.. happy new year too!! Cheerss!


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