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      Winter heartache...


i never believed in love so to speak till i met this guy. at first, it was just a casual fling, bored with my job. and for me to spice up a little bit i agreed to have 'unofficial realtionship. honestly, there's something in him that i can't resists...till, one day, he told me that he just want us to be friends and that he wanted to be with this girl and so on...deep inside i was hurt but not to long. i go on with my life. but after a couple of months he came and talked to me again. naive as i am, i let him passed again this time, praying that soon he'll change his ways..our jobs means that we have to be away for sometime but promised that we'll spent our vacation together.


2 years passed, we have been to couple of holidays overseas. he even came to my place, but its not easy. we have our shares of shortcomings, but we passed it all.


then, came the time for me to visit him. we are almost on our third year. deep down, not really sure of how i really felt for him. and i can sense that he has the same feelings too. i travelled half the world to be with him for the Christmas holidays, setting aside all my apprehensions. believing that we can make it this time.


it happened after christmas..i confronted him, and him being true to himself, he admitted that he is seeing this girl and what shocked me most was telling me that he likes the girl and that they agreed to be together. from that moment , i wanted to slapped him but i did not. i even asked what about me. and then he confessed that he can't see any future on us. he dumped me a day before new years eve, in one cold winter night. and to sum up everything, im in a foreign country, no friends nor family...




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