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      Thinking of her


Like many others I have had my fair share of painful relationships. The situation I'm in now though, pits my past against my future. The one person who I gave myself is now a friend, however, sometimes even though I'm with someone else, I think about this person a lot. I try explaining to the past one that I have to focus on the here and now and not the what could have been. Every time I try though, the wrong thing ends up coming out and it upsets her.

This is just to let her know that she is thought about probably more often than she should and to say that she will not be loved any less just because we are no longer together.

When you love someone, you will "always" care about what happens to them and if they are doing well in their life. This is what I will always want for her.

Hopefully when she reads this, she will understand that she is often a part of my dreams and thoughts but that I also have to move on as does she.

She knows who she is and that she will always have a piece of my heart wherever life may take her.


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