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      Long distant love goese good


ME and my Parent Went to The UK For a vacation. When We got there we got settled in a hotel , then I went in the lobby to get a drink. We I was in the lobby there was this guy.He was  visiting his ill uncle in the hotel who was visiting the UK. When i was going back up to my room, I bumped in to him.He hurried to help me up then asked if i was okay. Then we ended up talking . Then I ran up to my room and told my parents that I was going with a boy to the restaurant next door and that he was going to show me around.Before they had the chance to say no I ran out .

When  it was time to  go back home I told I told my parents that I had to tell him Bye. Then when I called him he told me he loved me. We traded emails and we already had each others numbers.




When I got back home I checked my email there was exactly 37 emails from him. Saying he missed me and loved.


I never heard from him for 2 months then he called I said Hello and then he said he was at my door waiting to kiss me and He want ed to ask me something.I went to my door and the he was he was on one knee and he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, then he jumped up and kissed me. then we got married at 18. My parents were mad that I moved to The UK to be with him .


But they visit us and we visit them. ME and Braden now have one 3month old. And are expecting another baby girl.


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