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      A true love


I met bryan on the computer, we talked alot, we fell in love..... were only 17. He is from New York and im from Ireland...... we could have met in NY when i was there but he was sick, we were complty stupid, we could have called each other or texted...... when i got home i was way more in love.... my parents called "Becca, your different. what happened?" i jut anserwed "I'm in love" they were shocked..... i told them everything.... Me and Bryan talked about everything, kids, wedding, us, names and what would happen if we did get together. One day my friend was talking to him, and she said did Becca tell you she is moving to NY. Which was true, me and him could be together, but my parents didnt like this. They fought with me. I hated it. One of his friends told me he will always love me till he dies. I nearly dies right there cause i couldnt walk to him and kiss him. I truely love him. he makes me happy. It's cool how you know your in love at my age. i hope one day me and him will meet, date, marry, have kids and just be together.

he will always be my true love


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